Money Buys Happiness Necklace
Money Buys Happiness Necklace
Money Buys Happiness Necklace
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Money Buys Happiness Necklace

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Money CAN buy happiness...sometimes. This 18K Plated Gold smiley face choker necklace is proof. Perfect for layering and with such a beautiful amount of shine. Your face will be matching the emoji's when you're wearing this gold necklace. 

  • 18K Plated Gold.
  • Smiley Face 18K Gold pendant chain. 
  • Necklace length: 44cm (not including clasp & chain).


  • Avoid contact with water, sweat and chemicals.
  • Apply your perfume & moisturisers and allow to dry before putting on your 18K plated gold pieces. 
  • Wipe your pieces down after use with a soft cloth or jewellery cloth to remove dirt or debris and restore shine.
  • If your piece requires cleaning, use a gentle solution of warm water & dish soap to soak and wipe clean. Be sure to rinse and dry them afterwards.
  • Store your gold plated pieces careful to avoid scratching.